One Summer in Swineshead was an artist-led project funded by Transported, a community focussed programme which aims to get more people in Boston and South Holland enjoying the arts and participating in arts activities.

Artist Katie Smith, who grew up in Swineshead, developed the project which created a photo-archive of village life, as experienced by a group of its residents during the summer of 2014.

How will the project work?

Nine willing project participants, crowdsourced via the Swineshead Facebook group, were each issued with a disposable camera and a photo log. They used the first 9 shots of the camera’s film to document a few days of their life before passing it on to a friend, relative or colleague in the village who did the same. Each camera was shared by 3 people.

What’s a Photo Log?

Each camera was accompanied by a Photo Log which participants used as a notebook, sketchbook or scrapbook to provide information about each photograph they took. They shared as much or as little information as they wished in a style that they felt comfortable with.

Are there any rules?

Rules can often inhibit creativity so they were kept to a minimum. To take part in the project participants had to:

  • Be a resident of Swineshead
  • Only take photographs in the village
  • Pass their camera on by the specified date and to a person who doesn’t live in the same household
  • Not take photographs of anything that may cause offence

What did the participants take photographs of?

The project’s participants could take photos of anything; where they live/work, their family, what they do in their spare time, a favorite place in the village, what they have for breakfast… basically anything Swineshead related. The aim was to create a snapshot of what it was like to live in the village in the summer of 2014.

What were the creative outputs of the project?

Once all of the cameras were collected in, the films were developed and the photographs printed. There was a sharing event for everybody involved in the project so that they could meet each other and view each other’s images.

Following on from the sharing event the photographers were invited to take part in a creative workshop with Katie at her studio to shape the planning of an exhibition in the village and the production of a catalogue of photographs.

All of the photographs taken during the project (and the photographers’ notes accompanying them) are available online as a Flickr gallery and can be viewed here which makes a piece of Swineshead’s social history accessible beyond the village.

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