Bringing Photographs to Life

On a cold, wet and windy Tuesday as the darkness of the night drew in, residents of Swineshead could have been forgiven for closing their curtains, cranking up their heating and settling down to a cosy evening in front of the TV. Most of them probably did, but an intrepid group of amateur photographers, accompanied by their families and enticed by the promise of tea and cake, braved the weather and headed for the Village Hall.

This was a very special evening, an evening that basked in the warm glow of summer despite the winter coats and miserable weather outside. It was the first chance for 26 people who shared 9 cameras to view their results at capturing ‘One Summer in Swineshead’ in photographic form.

Observing from the side-lines of the Village Hall I was struck by the intimacy of sharing real printed photographs; it was an evening of making connections with people and places, sharing stories and reminiscing, but most of all as one visitor remarked ‘bringing photographs to life’.

The full archive of photographs from the project will soon be available online, with an exhibition in the village to follow.

Photo credit: Philippa Parnell

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